Our Values



God’s Presence

The essential and defining component of our lives is God’s presence. Without it we are nothing, within it we find everything. His presence is what heals us, comforts us, guides us, strengthens us, and breathes new life into our souls. We covet and guard God’s presence in our lives.

Determining Factor: Was there life change?



God is worthy of our best. Excellence honors God and inspires people. We go beyond what is required giving our best at all times.

Determining Factor: Is this the best I can do?



We desire to give our lives to something bigger than ourselves, outside of ourselves so we can truly find ourselves. True life is found in serving others and seeing God’s Kingdom purposes accomplished on earth.

Determining Factor: Was it all about me?


The Next Generation

We are dedicated to reaching the next generation and equipping them to be mighty men and women of God whose lives transform their sphere of influence. We will put the best of our time, money, and energy into relevant ministry for our children and young people.

Determining Factor: Do young people want to participate?



We do life together. We were created for community. We believe that every Christian is able to grow strong and healthy lives in the context of community.

Determining Factor: Did people stay past close?



We are committed to experiencing life as a diverse community. We celebrate all cultures, races, personalities, ages, and backgrounds. Each is an expression of Jesus Christ that is unique individually but completes us corporately.

Determining Factor: Does anyone here look different than me?



We honor those who have gone before us, walk beside us and will come after us. Honor opens the door for God’s promises in our lives and His Kingdom purposes for the world.

Determining Factor: Did we overestimate people?



We will go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our city, nation, and world.

Determining Factor: Is our world of influence growing?